Want to fly high? Do these three things
Go to Build Strength

Build Strength

The more strength, the more vert. It’s not quite that simple, but without the strength, none of the rest matters. This is your foundation. First you’re going to have to hit the weights to get stronger and jump higher.


Go to Build Power

Build Power

Strength is the base, but you need to make that strength quick and explosive. You need to practice that just like anything. Build those neural pathways that let you turn that strength into speed and that speed into vertical jump!


Go to Fuel to Fly

Fuel to Fly

Plyometrics and heavy squats break a body down. You need to eat right and sleep right. You need protein and possibly some supplements and not too many calories. There’s nothing to keep you earthbound like extra pounds.


Improve Your Vertical Jump

It's rocket science baby! Thrust, liftoff and reaching for the stars!

Increasing your vertical jump is rocket science, you ask? Of course it is! It's all about thrust and liftoff and reaching escape velocity.

But it's also simple. It's about building strength and power and quickness and you don't need a PhD to learn how to do that. Just a few simply principles that don't really change that much over time.

Weight lifting will give you the base strength, but you need that strength to be quick. That's where plyometrics come in. Staying flexible and supple matters too.

And finally, getting the right food and complementary exercise completes the puzzle. You need the right nutrition to build the muscle, but you also need to stay lean. No extra fat. A visible six pack. One little physics lesson: force equals mass times distance. Get the mass down and the distance increases!

And that's how to fly!

  • The foundation of it all

  • Turn that strength explosive

  • Rebuild and stay lean

  • Put it all together

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