Vertical leap is fundamentally about generating force quickly, about putting a lot of mass (your body) in motion fast. To build power, you need to combine a program of plyometrics, weight lifting and other exercises to build the speed and strength necessary for maximum takeoff! If you want to you can use the main navigation to look for articles on specific topics, or just see all exercises for vertical jump


Plyometrics and heavy squats break a body down. You need sleep and recovery days to help your body build. The older you are, the more that’s true, but even young bucks will fail if they don’t make time to recover. Contrary to the old saying: You snooze, you gain. Not a lot here yet, but I’ll be adding more material soon. Read on »


Without the right nutrients, all the weightlifting and sleep in the world will get you nowhere. You need protein, vitamins and all that other good stuff to keep muscles and bones performing at their best. You also need to keep your bodyweight down though. Vertical leap is all about power to weight. You want a lot of power, and not a lot of weight! There’s not a lot here yet, but I’ve got some good stuff coming. For now, you can still read those nutrition articles I have so far.